Complete Software Management

We will step in and take control of all your software worries. Everything from proper licensing to updates, we can handle it all. Not only will you have peace of mind that all your employee’s software is up to date with security patches, you no longer have to worry about being in violation of licensing agreements that could potentially lead to lawsuits from the developers.

Software Acquisition and Upgrades

New software is always released and depending on your needs they can either improve or hinder employee’s workflow. We keep up to date on all major software releases and can help you determine whether the investment is really worth it when it comes to your bottom line. If an upgrade is deemed an improvement we will provide you with a quote to purchase new license upgrades and their benefits so you have the ultimate decision.

Software Recommendations

We keep up to date with all the new trends and technologies, constantly testing new software packages as they become available. If you have a need or want, chances are we have the ideal software in mind. If not we will work hard to properly research and find the best avenue to fit your needs.

Computer Upgrades and Replacements

Gone are the days of needing to replace a computer every 2 years. Most office computers can be given a new life with a simple upgrade or replaced altogether to later be used in a less demanding task. With the ever growing number of options available how are you supposed to know exactly how much power an employee needs? We see and use multiple different performance configurations daily and can work with you to determine exactly what is needed for any given circumstance. Never overpay for an under-powered computer again.

Hardware Replacement

Computer hardware can and will eventually go bad. All of our techs carry the most common faulting parts on hand to get you back up and running as quick as possible. If we do not have a replacement readily available, we have multiple local resources to find what is needed.

 Wireless Woes

With more and more offices switching over to wireless, there is a growing need for proper management. An improperly configured WiFi can be detrimental to the work space. Not only is it highly insecure potentially leading to data theft, but just a few wrong settings can wreck havoc on file transfers and cause printers to malfunction. We can help you setup a proper WiFi configuration for any size office to be sure every device has the speed and access available.

VPN Setup

With home internet becoming faster every year, more and more work is being done from home or on the road. With a proper VPN setup, employees can have access to files on a server just as if they were sitting in the office. No more calling a co-worker to email a needed file or even recreating one from scratch if no one is in the office.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Why wait until something breaks and needs fixed to take action. With our remote monitoring software we are automatically notified whenever a program crashes or the system becomes unstable. This not only gives us a heads up something has gone wrong, but in many cases can help us be proactive in replacing critical hardware before something drastic goes wrong causing downtime.

Weekly Updates

Most office computers are rarely updated in a timely manner, if ever at all. With our patch management system not only are your systems more secure against the growing threat of virus and malware, they will be updated with the most current bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Cloud Backup Services

How crucial is the data stored on either your server or each individual computer? If everything was lost tomorrow how would you function? We have partnered with one of the largest U.S. cloud backup providers to provide you the safety and reassurance that your files are safe. With multiple safeguards in place, even if you accidentally delete a file, we can usually replace it within minutes. With our solution, not only do you have the option to go back multiple versions of the file before it was re-saved, you can also receive daily summary reports we can all sleep at night knowing every file is secure. Being HIPPA and PCI compliant our solution will fit every industry.

On Premise Backup Solutions

Info coming soon as testing is underway to find the perfect fit for everyone.

Website Design

Nothing says more nowadays about a company than their website. Potential clients will typically browse your site before even considering calling you. With the advances in development, sites can now be designed to just about any layout you desire with any animation or effect. We can handle everything from obtaining the desired domain to the final live site. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide custom affordable designs at a fraction of the price of most of our competitors. All of our sites our built on the WordPress foundation giving you the ability to easily update and add content in the future. Once we finish your site, we will train an employee of your choice if requested so that they know how to add or adjust content as needed. We have multiple flat rate plans available based on the size, design, functionality and content creation of your site available. All inquiries include a free consultation to determine the desired outcome before a quote is given.

Email Campaigns

Do you have a message or newsletter you would like to get out to all your clients or potential clients? Email newsletters can be one of the most cost effective means to not only keep past clients engaged with you, but also a great avenue to reach new clients. We have the coding know-how to create a stunning newsletter based off of whatever content and style you prefer and even personalized text depending on the info you have on the client. Even if you do not have a list of emails to send to, we have the connections to purchase a list of emails based off of your specific search criteria. All of our email campaigns include not only the creation and sending of the emails but daily live reports for the first week. These reports cover everything from who opened the email, if they forwarded it to someone, to how many links they clicked.

Direct Mail Newsletters

While email newsletters may be all the rage these days, some people simply prefer a nice physical piece of mail they can touch and feel. We have partnered with one of Orange Counties top printing companies to streamline the entire process. We give you complete choice of the entire printing process from the stock of the paper, to the type of envelope it goes in. Having us as the ‘middleman’ not only ensures everything is correct but can potentially speed up deadlines to get that mail out in a crunch if needed.

Coming soon as we are currently in negotiations with multiple VOIP providers to bring you the best service possible at a reasonable cost. If you have a specific set of features you would like us to offer please let us know at


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